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To: Consumer Flower Lovers,

Every Flower Lover’s needs are different depending on their in-the-moment individual circumstances.

People purchase blooms through a variety of Flower Handlers: internet stores, traditional flower shops and progressive florists, wholesale outlets, supermarket and nursery floral departments, independent design and event companies, concept stores, boutique shops, and freelance designers.

All professional Flower Handlers are different from one another in the products they provide, services they offer and niches they serve.

It’s hard to describe them as a group or place them in a category because they each choose the structure and business model they operate within.

Below is an example of the diversity you might find among Flower Handlers.

  • Traditional Flower Shop – storefront with a focus on all occasion design, delivery and cash and carry
  • Cottage or Boutique – floral products blended into a store from another industry
  • Independent Design Firms – individual designers or large event decorating companies operating from a studio or warehouse, with by appointment only access and a focus on consultation and production of wedding, event and/or home and corporate decor
  • Freelance Designer – individual for hire who works project-to-project for another company or individual
  • Raw Goods & Bucket Shops – mass merchants, super markets / big box companies and street vendors – with a focus on cash and carry bundles, bunches and bouquets
  • Internet Providers – with a focus on “wholesale” to consumer sale of raw floral product
  • Concept Stores – franchised, multi location flower shops – with a focus on consistency and continuity of experience
  • Progressive Florist – any of the above descriptions mixed-and-matched into a clearly defined business

They all serve their clients and customers on different levels through the medium of flowers. You’ll find examples of these service providers here.

Everyone listed in the My Flower Handlers Rolodex Directory is a Flowerhandlers Community Member who has accepted our invitation to be listed.


In our Rolodex icons help you quickly recognize the products our members have, the services they offer and the niche markets they serve.

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However, once you get to know our members you’ll find they are probably not limited to those descriptions.

The companies listed want one-on-one relationships with their customers and clients. That way you can make the most of your floral purchases.

 At Flowerhandlers we believe …

Everyone needs a variety of these Flower Handlers in their own private Rolodex so they can call upon them “whenever / whatever” need arises.

The My Flower Handlers Rolodex Directory is brand new. If you have a favorite Flower Handler or floral retailer that you’d like to see here … Tell them to join the Flowerhandlers Community and we’ll invite them to get listed.

We do not take commission for your exchanges of business. We are not responsible for the development, maintenance and continuation of your relationships. We simply want to offer a gateway for consumer flower lovers to be able to find and communicate with actual, real, fully functioning floral business and to understand a little better how to work with them. Visit Our Rolodex Now


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